Chris Corby is an independent web developer specialising in bespoke builds. Working with designers and studios , as well as on freelance projects, he bridges the gap between design intent and technical know-how.

Get in touch via Email or find updates on Instagram.
Based in Brighton, UK.

Currently exploring projects for the next 6 months

  1. Tate Draw
    Drawing application
  2. Studio Moren
    Architect’s portfolio
  3. A2A
    Graphic production studio
  4. Glyphs
    Font editing software
  5. Pelli Clarke & Partners
    Architect’s portfolio
  6. Marwan Kaabour
    Designer’s portfolio
  7. Ashley Sheekey
    Artist’s portfolio
  8. As You Change, So Do I
    Public arts programme
  9. Juxta Press
    Online shop for a publishing house
  10. Collaborate with G . F Smith
    Crowdsourced showcase
  11. The Geometric Clock
    Experimental microsite